05 Mar

Characters Sketches

Emergency Newsbroadcast from Margaree Valley

To hear an audio sample, click the play button next to each characters name. Please note that some of the audio files contain graphics violence and coarse language – listener discretion is recommended.

Professor Patrick Heslin

(Featuring Rick Stringer of Variant Frequencies)

Heslin, a man years ahead of his peers in the field of genetic research, now resembled a pitiful man talking to a computerized version of his daughter.

To an outsider, it would look as though the award-winning scientist had finally lost his mind, but to those who knew him well, it was exactly what Heslin needed to keep his sanity. He needed his Robin. Without her, Heslin simply could not go on.


(Featuring Kimi Alexandre of Talechasing.com)

Lucy’s perfectly proportioned figure and extraordinary beauty often left men yearning in wanton desire and women thoroughly envious. Her silky brown hair framed her strikingly beautiful face perfectly, accentuating her deep green eyes and a breathtaking smile. Her soft, smooth skin tanned with just a hint of sun.


(Featuring Brian Brown from Quirky Nomads)

Michael was a walking cliché of the high school nerd. He was president of the science club, the computer club, the chess club, and every other club where brain was preferable to brawn. His thick, Buddy Holly glasses were forever sliding down his nose, and he was always carrying a heavy stack of books that looked like they weighed more than he did.


(Featuring Ry Stevenson from the Dead Robots Society)

Paul was one of the popular kids at school, especially around the hordes of girls who went all gaga over his muscular six foot seven frame. Paul wanted to be on the wrestling team, but there was no one big enough or brave enough to compete against him. The coach suggested he try football and that was where Paul made his mark. Of course, his mark usually came in the form of bruises, dislocated shoulders and the occasional broken bone that he inflicted on the opposing team when he steam-rolled over them. More than once local newspapers labeled him as “240 pounds of pure mean”.


(Featuring Erk from ErkPod)

Wade faced the laughing football player, his Australian accent grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Oy! I’m impressed. You knocked the little bloke down,” Wade said as he walked towards Paul, fists clenched. Paul’s laughing faded to a smile.

“Why don’t you try knocking ME down?” Wade challenged.


(Featuring Kim Butler from Between the Lines Studios)

Lauren was a year older and a couple of inches taller than Lucy’s five foot frame. Both Lucy and Lauren were flyers and thoroughly dedicated to the sport of cheerleading. Although Lauren often considered herself rather plain looking, her girl-next-door good looks made her anything but average. A smooth cape of midnight colored hair hung over her shoulders and down her slender waist. Her chocolate brown eyes sang of sweetness and seduction, a song that captivated the wants and desires of many teenage boys.


(Featuring Melissa Bartell of Escribition)

Emma was quite simply the lovable one. Where Lucy looked like a runway model and Lauren had the whole girl-next-door thing happening, Emma was delightfully adorable in her own perky, innocent and naïve way. She was the same age and height as Lucy but slightly heavier due to her overly large breasts that looked entirely out of place on her petite frame. Her natural, wavy blonde hair and baby blue eyes made her an easy target for typical cliché comments: Blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs and brainless. Emma was naïve about a lot of things, but brainless she was not. She managed to keep an A minus average with very little effort.

The Accident

(Narrated by R.E. Chambliss with Arlene Radasky & Kenn Crawford)

The M-VirusThe M-Virus

Tracks of green ran down the outside of the lodge, pooling into a little, green puddle. But gravity wasn’t quite finished with Heslin’s green liquid. Not yet. It pulled the liquid out of the little pool and down the sloped landscape, swerving around tiny rocks, following the path of least resistance. At the head of the green trail, a tiny drop of Heslin’s creation was poised over the edge of the small creek, threatening to jump. It just sat there, like a nervous diver too scared to take the final plunge.
Another bubble of green raced down the last incline and slammed into the timid diver, pushing it over the edge. It hit the creek with the tiniest of splashes, barely creating a ripple, and began its long journey to the valley below.

Clay Buffer was performed by Nobils Reed (Nobilis Erotica). Jess Jessup was voiced by Lisa Tobias (Hypersensitive Podcast).  Dr. Bajeet Chopra was performed by Ry Stevenson (Dead Robots Society)

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